3 rd Party Contract Staffing For IT

Contract Base Staffing

Contract Staffing means where a “Firm” supplies staff to a “Company” for a specific function and particular time period, at a specified rate. In today’s competitive world staffing Solutions is a boon to all the companies. Contract staffing helps improve the staffing flexibility and also helps gain access to highly skilled workers for shorter durations or for specific projects.

Project Base Staffing

Project base staffing is a specialized staffing requirement where the employees are hired for a specific time period for a particular project. These projects of IT could be of a short-term or long-term nature.

At Narrow HR we take a proactive approach to project staffing through overseeing the management of the entire project team on boarding, training, knowledge transfer, performance tracking and off boarding. Our experienced team helps you achieve complete flexibility to meet the technical, budgetary and timing requirements of your strategic planning throughout the project lifecycle.

Onsite / Off site outsourcing

Narrow HR provides onsite and offsite outsourcing where the employees can be hired off site and on site for a specific time period or for a particular project. In on site staffing the employee basically works at your office for your particular projects, but in offsite the employee works dedicatedly on your projects but not under your premises for which you have to keep a track of the work allotted to the resource on a daily basis.