About Us

About Narrow HR

We are a team of highly progressive enthusiasts at Narrow HR, who are passionate about connecting ambitious talents with seeking organizations. Covering all the aspects of HR Management, our commitment and dedication for quality fulfillments have been a driving force since inception. Services based on core expertise, efficiency, and research with personalized in-depth resource analysis enables SME's as well as Corporate to procure high caliber resources. Multi domain-specialization with customized offerings has been effective in meeting client satisfaction.


At Narrow HR, we value people with a firm belief that each one holds a unique set of skills that can improvise as well as contribute worthy experiences. Human Resources, a key element of every organization resemble their united spirit, strategy, and success. Inspired by true industry icons from various sectors, our foundation stays focused to cater to growing organizational needs by providing best in class skills for a fruitful relationship.


We believe human touch and technology go hand in hand. Our long term goals are fueled by ethical values, we believe in collaborations are successful when nurtured talents serve both, business and society goals. We encourage healthy competition, technological advancements, and continuous learning to build better careers.